About Breachaware

The privacy dance instructors you never knew you needed

Welcome to Breachaware ®, where cyber reporting and analytics meet privacy prowess in perfect harmony. As a dedicated provider of actionable intelligence, our primary focus is empowering our customers to safeguard the privacy of their organisation, people, network, and customers.

At BreachAware ®, we proudly showcase our expertise as the go-to partner for all breach exposure reporting and analytics needs. Our mission is nothing short of serious—we are here to guide you through the intricacies of risk mitigation decisions, be it the avoidance tango, acceptance waltz, reduction cha-cha, or transference two-step. Consider us your privacy dance instructors, an essential addition you never knew you needed.

What sets us apart? It's the dynamic synergy of our collaboration with Business Intelligence Theorems (BITs), coupled with the cyber-nerd knowledge unique to BreachAware®. The result is a platform that evolves at a pace rivalling your grandma's knitting skills

In our commitment to keeping costs reasonable, we navigate a cost-cutting obstacle course for every decision. Why the emphasis on affordability? Simple—we're not here to impress investors; our focus is on ensuring you excel without breaking the bank. We're the bargain hunters of the cyber world, carefully orchestrating each move to maximise value for you.

Our mission isn't exclusive to the corporate giants; we're the privacy sidekicks for everyone.

From small businesses to the Avengers of multinational corporations, we've got you covered. Additionally, our cybersecurity specialist partners worldwide benefit from the BreachAware® service, not just as a measure of risk and insight but also as a gateway to new conversations and complementing their existing portfolio services.

At BreachAware ®, we're not just about reporting and analytics; we're about empowering you to navigate the complex dance of privacy and cybersecurity with finesse.


CEO, BreachAware®