NOVA Entertainment
  • Description
  • In early November 2018, a CSV file containing over 240,000 email addresses, SHA1 hashed passwords and many other personal user details from the Australian media network "NOVA Entertainment" was found online. While there is no official ackowledgement of the breach taking place, BreachAware has independently verified this breach to be legimitate. The exact date of the original data breach remains unknown.

  • Compromised Data
  • Email addresses Your unique identifier for others to contact you on.
  • Phone numbers A number identified for another party to contact you outside of the web, specifically by phone.
  • IP addresses The address which is hidden within your computer as an identifier when you are browsing the internet so others know where you are coming from.
  • Usernames An unique identifier which must match the password provided in order to login to a service. This is often your email address.
  • Dates of birth The date you were born that you provided upon login. This can include date and year dependant on the requirements of the site.
  • Genders Your biological or nominated gender type.
  • Passwords The privately set combination so only you can access your account.
  • Discussion

The information relating to this breach is freely available from our JSON API


Upgrade your account to view all tracked assets, such as your email domain, within this breach.

  • Reference Articles
  • NOVA
    Data Incident
    Nova Entertainment has recently become aware that a legacy dataset containing information collected from our listeners during the period from May 2009 to October 2011 has been publicly disclosed.
  • SMH
    Nova warns listeners of data breach affecting 250,000 Australians
    Lachlan Murdoch’s Nova Entertainment has warned more than 250,000 listeners that data collected about them between 2009 and 2011 has been publicly disclosed, including residential addresses and birth dates.