Monitor your Domain for Compromised Credentials

Unredacted Analysis; 100+ Data Types; Exposed Passwords, Breach Source Insight; Multiple Notification Channels; Printable Reports; Export Data
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How it Works

We’ve analysis on millions of domains impacted by a breach from all over the world (including over 400 top level domains).

We continually find, analyse and monitor publicly compromised credentials (crunching billions of leaked credentials to help you).

We’ll notify you if we find credentials related to your domain in any new breaches (naturally, no news is good news).

You can access historical insight related to your domain at any time you like (actionable intelligence to help protect your privacy).

BreachAware does not allow access to unredacted reports without either verification of ownership or consent from the domain owner/authorised person. In some cases we may need to conduct additional checks before your domain is approved. If you cannot verify ownership the domain will be denied however you may still be charged.

The BreachAware Partner Network is our global community of quality partners that leverage BreachAware’s actionable intelligence to enhance their products and services; to better serve their customers. Our partners consist of cyber security managed service providers to specialist consultancy services across a number of industry verticals, from financial services, retail, education and health.

BreachAware tools are straight forward to integrate into your proposition that will help you grow your business from day one. If this sounds like something you’ll benefit from drop us note at