Collection #1

  • Description
  • In January 2019, a huge collection of compromised credentials were found on the filesharing service MEGA. Labelled "Collection #1 Data Breach", this is one of the largest collections of credential stuffing lists with nearly 800 million unique email addresses. The data was sourced from hundreds of breached websites and services, many of which were already well documented in previous years. In many cases it included cracked or "dehashed" passwords that were previously hashed. Collection #1 was found widely circulated on popular hacking forums using bit torrent, and was accompanied by additional collections named 1-5 respectively.

  • Compromised Data
  • Email addresses Your unique identifier for others to contact you on.
  • Passwords The privately set combination so only you can access your account.
  • Discussion

The information relating to this breach is freely available from our JSON API


Upgrade your account to view all tracked assets, such as your email domain, within this breach.

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