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2019-12-03 14:00:00 UTC
Supply Chain Account Takeover: How Criminals Exploit Third-Party Access

It’s important for businesses of all sizes to not only view their suppliers’ attack surface as their own but also extend some of their security protections.

Breach Cloud Security IoT Malware Vulnerabilities Web Security Data Theft Malware Distribution Supply Chain Account Takeover Third-Party Relationships
2019-12-03 13:26:00 UTC
‘StrandHogg’ Vulnerability Allows Malware to Pose as Legitimate Android Apps

The flaw can allow hackers to take over typical device functions like sending messages and taking photos because users think malicious activity is a mobile app they use regularly.

Malware Mobile Security Vulnerabilities Android Exploit Google Play Hackers Malware Mobile Apps Mobile Security StrandHogg Trojan Vulnerability
2019-12-03 13:18:00 UTC
Step-by-Step Guide to Creating the Best Web Pages

By Uzair Amir

Everyone knows that your site design and content can be the difference between success and failure...

This is a post from Read the original post: Step-by-Step Guide to Creating the Best Web Pages

How To
2019-12-03 11:55:00 UTC
Naked Security | Sophos
Naked Security | Sophos
SMS company exposes millions of text messages, credentials online

Researchers at VpnMentor claim that the TrueDialog data leak exposure could have compromised tens of millions of people.

Data Loss Privacy Security Threats Data Data Breach Data Leak Data Loss Elasticsearch Exposed Database SMS TrueDialog
2019-12-03 11:47:00 UTC
Naked Security | Sophos
Naked Security | Sophos
Mixcloud user accounts up for sale on dark web

A hacker is ransoming account data stolen from music streaming service Mixcloud, according to reports.

Data Loss Privacy Security Threats Data Breach Data Loss Hashing Mixcloud Ransom
2019-12-03 11:39:00 UTC
Naked Security | Sophos
Naked Security | Sophos
IM RAT spy tool seller raided, busted, kicked offline

The spyware gave complete control of victimized computers, sold for as little as$25, and was bought by 14,500 hackers worldwide.

Law & Order Malware Security Threats Cyberstalking Imminent Methods Imminent Monitor Remote Access Trojan NCA RAT Remote-access Trojan Spy Tool Spying Spying App Spyware Trojan
2019-12-03 11:11:00 UTC
Naked Security | Sophos
Naked Security | Sophos
Ad fraud: Fake local news sites are rolling in the dough

"" Names like that sound close enough to real news domains to pass, but bots are the only ones visiting.

Amazon Fake News Google Ad Fraud Ads Bots Click Fraud Fake News Google Ad Network Google Ads Seo
2019-12-03 10:39:00 UTC
The Daily Swig
The Daily Swig
Ransomware slingers ramp up attacks on back-up devices

NAS under assault

2019-12-02 21:00:00 UTC
Microsoft OAuth Flaw Opens Azure Accounts to Takeover

The Microsoft applications are vulnerable to an OAuth authentication flaw that could enable Azure account takeover.

Cloud Security Vulnerabilities Web Security Azure Identity Management Microsoft Microsoft Azure Microsoft Login Oauth Oauth Authentication
2019-12-02 19:13:00 UTC
Authorities Break Up Imminent Monitor Spyware Organization

The infrastructure behind a remote access tool (RAT) allowing full remote takeover of a victim machine has been dismantled.

Government Malware Arrests Australia Imminent Monitor Law Enforcement RAT Remote Access Tool Remote Takeover Shockwave Spyware Takedown Unit 42

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